“MAINE SIBLING SERIES” — Family photographs circa 1950-60s layered upon classic prints with a background of original acrylic on canvas.

Detail, “Happy Campers”: Maine Sibling Series
“Happiness Is…”: Maine Sibling Series
“Who, Me?”: Maine Sibling Series

“OKIE PICNIC” — Family photos from Northeastern Oklahoma circa 1950-60s layered upon paper prints of Americana quilts with a background of acrylic on canvas. The photographs reveal picnic benches fashioned from WWII army cots, tables made of scrap wood from the family lumberyard, and children romping on old mattresses while the men churn ice cream on reclaimed conveyor belts from the local mine. Seven individual pieces of 12×12” each.

“Holding Court”: Okie Picnic Series
“Out Back”: Okie Picnic Series
“Churning the Iced Cream”: Okie Picnic Series

“ALTHOUGH THIS WAS NOW HOW WE SAW OURSELVES” — 15 individual works composed of original family photographs shot with a Brownie camera in Maine during the 1930-40s. The photos are layered over mixed media and framed in gold. The pieces interlock to create a 40×90” artwork. 

“Camp Girls”
“Young George”
“Boys Will Be Boys”
“Young Guns, Joe & Stubby”